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TW 1 set new Club record with eight consecutive KL victories

The Flagship XI recently (on 28/6) equalled Mark Smith’s six-wins-in-a-row from ten summers ago in 2005, coincidentally also in Division One, and in his first year as captain, as was Alex Williams’ achievement in 2014. Alex made his maiden year as leader equally memorable, but then took his team one step beyond to a record seventh consecutive victory, at The Mote, (on 5/7), marking the day with a splendid century in the process. Further (on 12/7) at home to Sibton Park, another win took the run to eight.

Carl Openshaw, the Club President, was present in person to witness the feat, and he went on to explain just how good the accomplishment was, saying “It is a very impressive achievement and I can confirm that this has never been done before by the Club in the history of the KL”, which refers back to the start of the Kent League in 1971 when TWCC was a founder member.
It should be noted too that the odds of attaining eight or more completed matches in an English Summer are not especially good, and the chances diminish greatly when talking of outright victories, with no winning or losing draws. It is additionally significant that the first seven successes all occurred in the tougher Win-Lose-Draw format.