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Frequently asked questions :





What are the benefits of membership?

  • Training and playing on The Nevill using the same high quality facilities as Test and County stars
  • 18 weeks youth training on Friday evenings, at 2 hours per session
  • Attendance at adult nets for those older youth players wishing to attend
  • State-of-the-art outdoor 4-lane cricket nets with bowling machines
  • Specialised visiting coaches with targeted sessions
  • Free, new TWCC cricket shirt each year
  • Use of Club pavilion and TWCC cricket week marquee bar (also for parents, guardians and friends)
  • Free entry to Kent County Cricket week at The Nevill
  • Opportunity to purchase discounted tickets for Kent 1-day matches at The Nevill (note 5 below)
  • Extensive Club members-only indoor winter training programmes (at extra cost)

Can anyone join

Yes. But we do have a number of criteria which are applied depending on the age of applicant and will be explained to you at the outset.
All playing activities are for Club members only. There are restrictions on new memberships when our lists are full as you can appreciate that we have to maintain the ratio of coaches to players at a safe and effective level

Can my son/daughter be a member of more than 1 cricket club

Our cricket programme is for members only. Our efforts are directed at preparing members to play for TWCC, both now and in the future. Members are of course free to join other clubs at the same time, but competition rules usually preclude playing for more than one club in a season; and in any event we don’t expect a player who is selected for a TW match to turn down the invitation in favour of playing for another club and especially if that match is against TWCC.

At what age can players join the Club

Young people need to be in school year 2

At what age can I put my child’s name on the application list

As soon as possible. See YOUTH APPLY FOR MEMBERSHIP page. We operate on a first come first served basis when dealing with new memberships.

At what age does youth cricket finish

The Youth section’s activities tailored for young cricketers continue to age 18. From an earlier age players can start participating in adult training and matches.

As a parent, how do I become a member




I see you include girls; what are the details

Girls have summer and winter training programmes and summer matches and are fully integrated members of the youth section TWCC.



When is summer coaching

Y2 –Y8 Friday evenings. Boys YR9+ Wednesday evennings

When does coaching start

Last Friday in April.

When does coaching end

Last Friday in August.

How long are the sessions

Y2 2 5.15-6.15 othersNormally from 6.30 -8.30 (depending on light)

How much does it cost

Summer is part of membership fee. Winter extra

When can youth players train in the adult group

All youth players can attend adult nets sessions if they wish to (check dates with Captains) although of course this is generally most suitable for those who are 14+

Who can I speak to with detailed questions


Do youth players need special kit

No when they start, (& see next item). Any colour trousers and trainers are fine. In due course cricket white shirts and trousers

Where can I get playing kit

Annual membership includes the cost of a good quality TWCC cricket shirt. Club caps and other training kit are available from the Club. You can get playing equipment from Kent Cricket Direct.

If the weather is bad how can I find out if training is still going ahead

See website- youth training.

Do you offer winter coaching

Yes. Once you become a member information will be made available. Cost of winter training is not covered in the annual membership fee.

Can you offer one-to-one separate coaching for members

Yes; we can also offer 1 to-1,-2, -3, -4. This depends on coach availability. There is a charge for this. Contact the Head of Youth Cricket.

When are the outdoor nets open for members to use

The nets are available for use from March 1 to October 30 every year in accordance with our license agreement with TWBC. Members are advised the combination lock number at the start of each season.



What matches are played

Mini matches at training. Comprehensive match programme including league cricket, festivals and friendlies.



Can I offer my help

YES, YES, YES! We need cricketers and non-cricketers alike; those who are not cricketers to help with all sorts of tasks vital to keeping the Club developing its youth cricket programme; and those with cricket knowledge who would like to coach or team manage. See VOLUNTEERS PAGE

Who are the people running the Youth section

Most of us are parents whose sons/daughters have been, or currently are, in the Youth section.
We are all volunteers; most are qualified ECB (England & Wales Cricket Board) Cricket Coaches.



I see you have Clubmark accreditation – what does this mean

The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) and the Kent Cricket Board (KCB) have formally recognised Tunbridge Wells Cricket Club as a safe, effective, child-friendly club.
We have to produce a very detailed evidence file containing for example, certificates of Coaching, Child Protection, First Aid, and Criminal Records Bureau checks, to prove that our volunteers are appropriate persons to be working with young people.
We also have to prove that we have effective policies and processes in place for all parts of our activities.

Can I see the evidence file

Yes. You will see that it also incorporates the TWCC Youth Cricket Handbook, a complete guide to the way we run Youth Cricket at the Club. Ask the Head of Youth Cricket

I see you have Focus Club Community Cluster accreditation – what does this mean

The ECB and KCB have formally confirmed that Tunbridge Wells Cricket Club will receive their special support in our continued efforts to develop cricket provision in the community.



What happens if some kit is left behind after coaching

If found it gets put in the lost property box.
Please mark all clothing and kit.

What happens if we bring home someone else’s kit or Club property by mistake

Please hand it in to whomever is in charge, on your next visit.
Please check bags regularly, balls regularly and innocently land in members’ kit bags!


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