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About us
The Youth section – boys and girls – plays a very important role in the continued growth and success of the Club and we work hard to encourage youngsters of every ability to develop their cricketing skills and a love for the game.

We have ECB/KCB Clubmark status, confirming that we are a safe, effective, and child-friendly Club, and receive their special support in our continued efforts to develop cricket in the community.

For girls thinking of joining us: here are some very good reasons why: Why choose TWCC Girls?

Qualified coaches and match managers ensure that members may enjoy the pleasure of training and playing on The Nevill, one of the country’s most beautiful cricket grounds. Training sessions are held weekly from the end of April to the end of August, and there are winter training programmes. Our high quality outdoor cricket nets are fully utilised by youth members. Each age group has its own lead coach and support coaches.

We run separate match programmes for boys and girls competing in leagues, festivals and friendlies. Most matches are played on Sundays, and some on midweek evenings; youth members aged 14-17, are actively encouraged to play in our ‘open-age’ men’s and women’s sides, when they are ready to step up.

Youth members are full Club members with entitlement to all privileges (apart from some legal restrictions).

Communications with members
Most of our mass communications are sent using ‘MailChimp’, with the subject, Tunbridge Wells Cricket Club, from – POST THIS ADDRESS INTO YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS BOOK to prevent you missing important communications from going to your SPAM. Also see our Privacy Policy.


  1. existing members’ renewals are emailed every January – click here for details of our annual membership process.
  2. new applicants click here to find out about our membership process and to add names to the Applicants’ List.

Status at January 7th 2019: The membership process (as described in bullet 1) will start on January 8th and continue for up to 8 weeks.

This is because we are processing a total Club youth section database of around 600 young people, which we have to do in phases. The speed at which we can progress also depends on quick responses from parents.  We would ask you to be patient as we are volunteers working in our spare time.

For further questions please click here to contact Jo-Anne Dekker (Membership Secretary). Membership is run by volunteers, many with full-time jobs. They respond in their free time. Please be patient. You will receive a response within 48 hours.

Codes of Conduct
Tunbridge Wells Cricket Club is fully committed to safeguarding and promoting the wellbeing of all its members. It is important that members, coaches, administrators and parents associated with the Club should, at all times, respect the contribution of each other, and are encouraged to share with us any comments that they may have on any Club matter. See our detailed Codes of Conduct Youth players, officials, visitors

Frequently Asked Questions: Youth FAQs

Youth Committee
Membership is run by volunteers, many with full-time jobs. They respond in their free time. Please be patient. You will receive a response within 48 hours.

Chairman David Marshall 01892 825513 07765 685485 Email
Coaching Coordinator Andrew Townsend 01732 700301 07789 926993 Email
Teams Coordinator Mike Webb 01892 516361 07852 326334 Email
Head of Girls Cricket  Andrew Cloke 01580 211733 07846 233186 Email
Club Welfare Officer  Jo-Anne Dekker 01892 557881 07914 376378 Email
Treasurer Anne Pink 01892 528833 07941 921584 Email 
Fixture Secretary Gäelle Coyle 01892 539174 07887 920353 Email
Membership Secretary Jo-Anne Dekker   07914 376378 Email 
Festivals Manager Toby Johns   07764 187401 Email