Membership – Youth Applications & Renewals

1. New applicants
Most of our coaches are volunteers and are available to coach and manage most weeks but there is a limit. We have to ensure that the ratio of coaches to players delivers good coaching and enjoyment every week. So we have set fixed, sustainable maximum numbers, for each school year group. As an ECB Clubmark club we have strict guidelines to ensure that we are a safe, effective and child-friendly Club.

In general terms our maximum is set at 20 boys and 20 girls for each year group from year 2-9 and no maximum from year 10 upwards. The total membership is therefore around 300, from age 6-18.
(note: youth cricket is defined by the ECB as any child aged under 18 as at September 1st in the previous year). 

Demand for places is high and we operate an Applicants List (AL) for all age groups, where you may register your interest in joining by completing the online application – see below.

Membership invitations are issued on a ‘first registered, first invited’ basis.

In addition to this we offer ‘additional places’ (i.e. a child so offered does not take a place of a child on the AL). To qualify parents have to commit themselves to supporting our programme, subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • Coach most Friday evenings throughout the summer season or Team Manage every week in the season (Sunday mornings or mid-week early evenings) and intend to do so for more than one season and/or,
  • Play TWCC open-age cricket regularly as a paid up member of the Club and intend to do so for more than one season and/or,
  • Manage a core task on the Main or Youth Committees and intend to do so for more than one season

More information available on request. These conditions are necessary in order to maintain our policy of an even playing field for applicants. To this end we may not renew the membership of a youth member if these conditions on ‘additional places’ are not honoured.

Anyone can join the AL but they do so in the knowledge that:

  • Being on the AL does not guarantee that a place can be offered because demand is particularly heavy for boys in school years 2/3/4/5/6/7; as yet we can accommodate all girl applicants
  • If you are not already on the AL you may still join it (for a chance to fill vacated places in years to come).
  • The process for offering places is described in ‘membership process’ below

Click here to complete an Application form (on completion you’ll receive an auto email confirmation). Your application is retained on our system in date of application order.
We understand that parents may choose to place a child on our list even though they may have to wait some years before there is a vacancy. If a parent then chooses to switch from another club, we respectfully ask that they first contact their existing club as a matter of courtesy.

Membership process
Our membership process for each new season commences in January. Once all places are filled (to maximum as described above) membership is closed for the year.

  1. Year 2 applicants: first 20 school yr2 boys and 20 yr2 girls from the AL (by date order of original online application) are emailed an offer of membership in January; depending on the response, further children are invited until we reach our maximum 
  2. Year 3-13 applicants: any places vacated by existing members are offered in date of application order, by school year group, by the end of March

If a new applicant has not received a membership invitation by March 31st it probably means that all available places have been taken in the age group in question, and we will advise you accordingly in a combined email to all unsuccessful applicants. The applicant’s details will be retained (still in date of application order) for subsequent years, unless we are requested to cancel the application.

2. Membership renewals (to those who were members in 2018)
(Information refers to year group after Sept. 1st 2018). Our membership process for each new season commences in January.

  • Existing members years 3-13, are emailed an invited to renew membership by a deadline after which ‘vacated places’ are offered to those next on the Applicants’ List