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We’ve made great strides in the last 10 years:

  • state of the art cricket nets

  • electronic scoreboards

  • new upper pavilion

  • 300 youth members

  • girls cricket section & ladies team

  • top sponsors

... but we can’t stand still – we’ve so much to do!

That’s why we’ve set up the TWCC 2020s Development Fund for the benefit of all members, with an initial target of £20,000.

Our wish list right now:

  • cladding/decorating ‘Upper’ changing rooms&lavatory

  • providing new visitor chairs

  • youth section fielding/catching machine

... so let’s get started:

You can donate by credit/debit card at the bar or by BACS to TWCC bank account. 

... and whilst you’re about it, perhaps you’d like to add your own ‘wish’ to the list.


UPDATE January 2020

£ 10,000 first target reached!

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