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Welcome to our Club shop where you can find official Club merchandise and

other items of interest to members and friends of TWCC.

Please contact our Shop Manager, if you have any queries.


Click through to the TWCC Shop for:


  • Memorabilia

(e.g. fine art prints of The Nevill and Kapil Dev '83 souvenirs)

TWCC has commissioned two fine art pictures of The Nevill Ground from well-known local artist Elaine Gill. These can be seen in the pavilion.

  • Fundraising

Fantasy League 2023 

After a successful couple of seasons, we'll be setting up a Fantasy League again for this season. Pick a team of players from the club and they’ll score you points based on how well they perform in real life. Compete with other players from the club and see who comes out on top come the end of the season. 

  • Publications

  • Club Tie

TWCC Kit Montage 2023.jpeg

(By Masuri NXT Sports)

A wide range of TWCC branded match, training, leisure wear and accessories is available, from helmets to caps, kit bags and much more.

Please be aware that once ordered, kit cannot be exchanged (unless faulty) because the branded items cannot readily be resold by Masuri or TWCC

so make sure you have your sizing right.

Visit our 2023 Club shop


Please mark all your kit.

If you lose anything check:

  1. with lead coach in your son/daughter’s group,

  2. whether it has been handed in to the bar team,

  3. whether it is in the lost property box – ask Nick 


Please click here to contact Nick Lee or find him at the Club most Friday evenings during the season.

Cricket Equipment


Although bats, pads, helmets, gloves, boxes are in our match and training bags for those up to age 11, you can buy anything you need from KCD in Southborough (junction with Yew Tree Road).

Mention you are a TWCC member and you and the club will benefit from anything you purchase. 

Elaine Gill Tunbridge Wells Cricket Ground.jpeg
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